Answers on The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26867 от 2017-10-27:


A fools errand - A fruitless mission, rum do for arsenal Toccata - A need for diplomat to accommodate firm over work? Reproof - Censure for each going up top Neutral - Colourless individual not taking sides Thrum - Continuous murmur from hard right splitting corporation Quipped - Course gone round by sovereign was full of cracks? Run into - Current cuts are enough to fund strike Trade secrets - Deserter acts deviously to reveal them, perhaps Catabolic - Destructive, and a pain, holding a night flier back Distaff - Detective ruled lines for notes concerning women Cartridge - Doctor's left university for right case Spooner - Famous cleric by preference keeping close to bishop Rat race - Follow after troops rush to advance Racking - Harrowing account dogging republican ruler


Toque - Headgear displayed by panto queen Open-faced - Ingenuous old bird, female, given coat Nose job - Is competent professional perhaps in audition to provide cosmetic surgery? Subcontinent - Locum happy nursing in india, say Sharpen - On reduced allowance, writer's become more focused Theoriser - Philosopher arousing others' ire Loris - Primate's teaching is used for english Rescues - Saves signals from sappers? Bravado - See trouble with british artist fronting game show? Satisfy - Settle for one female model returning inside Search engine - Software providing instruction for transport police? Say-so - State leaders to support overseas sanction Empanel - Unnaturally pale men put on list for service Majorca - Whale led by pack round island
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