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Mixup - Checkroom problem Optsto - Decides one will Tales - Chaucer output Dyne - Fraction of a newton Iwont - 'forget it!' Romp - Easy victory Cobs - Inner ears? Avon - '___ calling!' Yore - Bygone days Idos - Engagement enders? Work - Do the trick Dsl - Broadband inits Chit - Informal voucher Ore - Gold or silver source Inky - Blue pac-man ghost Dunst - 'jumanji' actress who would go on to star in 2006's 'marie antoinette' Lucasjackson - 'natural-born world-shaker' played by paul newman Sky - 'the sheltering ___' (paul bowles novel) Loan - A matter of payback? Herb - Apt name for a gardener Skier - Athlete in goggles Theist - Believer in a higher power Par - Benchmark at a hole Meek - Biddable Lemonpeel - Boulevardier garnish Don - Budge in the tennis hall of fame Leno - Car-collecting tv funnyman Ionia - Center of an ancient greek 'enlightenment' Abaci - Clicking counters Small - Dieter's order, perhaps Dean - Faculty-meeting presider, maybe Epee - Foil's heavier relative Icons - Garbage can and file folder, for two Opec - Gp. that includes ecuador and venezuela Drily - How many bob newhart lines were delivered Poach - Hunt in the wrong spot? Leary - In 1987 he said that the current generation had 'a brain dressed up with nowhere to go' Judo - It incorporates nage-waza throwing techniques


Tau - Sigma follower Spang - Squarely Only - Peerless Persona - Public face Raree - Kind of carnival show Tibia - Knee-ankle connector Giga - Prefix denoting 10 to the ninth power Lap - You can stand to lose it Our - Part of the translation of 'anno domini' Rebar - Slab strengthener Erudite - Professorial Coal - It's mainly carbon Air - It's mainly nitrogen Nail - Item measured in pennies Eva - Jazz chanteuse cassidy Beermoney - Jingle in the pocket ready for spending at the pub Ontopic - Like a disciplined debater, say Ice - Medium for temporary sculptures Coolhandluke - Nickname for 20 across, and the title of a classic film released 50 years ago this november 1 Wild - Not throwing strikes, say Exams - O.w.l.s, to harry potter Stele - Object inscribed with the code of hammurabi, e.g Boson - Particle in quantum physics Orgy - Period of riotous indulgence Lima - Pizarro originally called it ciudad de los reyes Paws - Places for retractable claws Epi - Prefix with -phyte Moped - Putterer in bermuda Wed - Say 10 across Lassoes - Snares with honda knots Inre - Starter on a legal memo Taser - Stunning brand name? Era - Tenure, maybe Tanks - The m48 patton and others Prisonroadgang - What 20 across 'joined' after vandalizing parking meters Hardboiledeggs - What 20 across ate 50 of on a bet Entry - What a gatekeeper grants Mow - What some kids do to earn their allowance
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