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Lsat - Future atty.'s exam Avow - Declare openly Swap - Exchange Tea - Afternoon social Imp - Little devil Ails - Afflicts Ash - Louisville slugger wood Newark - Garden state city Tans - Gets some sun Oven - It may be self-cleaning Qty - Invoice abbr Yummy - Delish Fyi - "just an update" letters Imacs - Apples on a desk Elis - Bulldog fans Jen - Actress aniston, in tabloids Taco - Folded mexican fare Asked - Answered counterpart Lieflat - Become prostrate Samba - Brazilian music genre Gorilla - Brute Ditty - Catchy tune Fwd - Chain email abbr Aidswalk - Charity fundraiser since 1985 Floss - Dental visit freebie Pea - Edible orb Odder - Further out there Ers - Hectic hosp. zones Eminor - Key of dvorák's new world symphony Unions - Labor parties? Quit - Leave work Amanda - "mean girls" actress seyfried Whatcanido - "need my help?" Men - "white __ can't jump" Ill - "__ be the judge of that" Mel - Blanc with "that's all folks" on his gravestone Andre - Braugher of "brooklyn nine-nine"


Anew - Over Waco - Texas city Til - Up to, for short Ess - Start of something? Sneers - Villainous visages Bond - No foe Ida - Mont. neighbor Deion - Two-sport sanders Tend - Manage Stint - Stretch on the job Bee - Pollen carrier Niobe - Tantalus' daughter Ncaa - Org. that fills bowls? Stag - Unattached Opt - Make the call Acer - Maker of swift laptops Mixups - Mistakes Farina - Oatmeal alternative Classifyclowns - Organize circus performers? Skin - Parchment source Tool - Punch or file Justifyasecond - Rationalize one's need for duel assistance? Cms - Ruler meas Moongods - Selene and luna Jdate - Singles network logo with a partly outlined star of david Roses - Sparkling wine choices Live - Streaming on facebook Jeeves - Valet in wodehouse stories Acetic - Vinegary, as acid Coreassets - Vital business holdings Taxi - Waiter at a stand Seespotifyrun - Watch a music-streaming app? Nyu - Where spike lee earned his mfa Sews - Works with threads Deifyfrosting - Worship at the altar of buttercream? Alda - Only actor to appear in every episode of "m*a*s*h" Cuaron - Oscar-winning "gravity" director alfonso
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