Answers on Jonesin' - от 2017-05-09:


Syne - 'auld lang ___' Ogle - Make goo-goo eyes at Ato - Getting from ___ b Shod - Like show horses' feet Ike - 'i like ___' ('50s political slogan) Een - 'hallow' ending Rae - 'call me maybe' singer carly ___ jepsen [e] Ane - 'gimme ___! ... what's that spell? ella!' [e] Cannot - 'i ___ open this jar. can you help, daddy?' [e] Ella - 'the coolest kid in the universe' [e] Alaw - 'there ought to be ___' Igetit - 'understood' [s] Tlc - 'waterfalls' trio Henry - '___ danger' (nickelodeon show) [e] Asi - '___ was saying ...' [e] Ssts - Air france fliers, once Koala - Animal that's cute, fuzzy, lazy, and gray [e] Illegaleagle - Bird that smokes and does vandalism? [e] Edie - Brickell whose band is the new bohemians Hates - Dislikes [s] Ales - Drinks that are alcoholic [s] Savors - Enjoys, as food [s] All - Everyone [s] Buyinlion - Fearsome cat that spends moolah on lamborghinis and mansions? [s] Olson - Former 'come on down!' announcer johnny Adlib - Go off-script (sorry, ella, it doesn't mean 'get more pounds') Cash - Green paper that you pay with [e] Flynet - Horse's mesh protection against pests, maybe Line - It may be parallel [e] Teen - Kid that can have a cellphone [s] Sid - Kid who is 'epic!' [s] Erie - Lake that sounds scary [e] Hilly - Like some dirt bike tracks [s] Leers - Looks rudely Dashes - Marks that are lines [s] Docs - Martens and mcstuffins, for instance [s] Sewed - Me: 'how about the clue 'used needles,' ella?' ella: 'no, new needles. you have to use them because it affects the fabric more than you expect.' Drapeape - Monkey that eats curtains? [e] Raph - Ninja turtle that wears red, to his friends [s]


Sloe - ___ gin fizz Ply - Toilet paper layer Aga - Palindromic turkish title Ashe - Tennis's arthur ___ stadium Ante - Poker money Lolo - Olympic hurdler/bobsledder jones Dads - Parents 'who do puzzled goodness' [s] Tile - Piece that goes on the floor [s] Dearie - Pookums [e] Famed - Popular [e] Shoppes - Quaint stores (you'd think, based on how they're spelled) Elsa - Queen in arendelle [e] Tat - Rat-a-___ [e] Socal - Region with legoland, informally [s] Axle - Remote control car part [s] Cupcakesnake - Scaly creature that likes to eat frosted sweets? [s] Diana - She was a princess 'long ago' [e] Ate - Sid: 'i'm not ___ years old anymore.' me: 'no, i mean ___ as in 'i ___ some food." Fein - Sinn ___ (irish political movement) Mothsloth - Slow animal that grows wings and gets in your clothes? [e] Slyfox - Sneaky little animal [e] Chef - Someone who might cook meatballs for you [s] Yip - Something a toy poodle says [e] Noyou - Something said in an 'argument party' [s] Oooh - Something that people say in awe [e] Caltrop - Spike thrown in the road to stop robbers [s] Gotchas - Tag situations? [s] Aide - Teacher's helper [e] Elf - The ___ on the shelf [s] Yrs - There are 100 in a century (abbr.) [s] Steps - They make up stairs [e] Goesbad - Turns evil or moldy [e] Iguana - Type of lizard in 'sing' [e] Bobcat - Type of wild 'kitty-kitty' [e] Craves - Wants really badly [s] Dealseal - Water animal with flippers that barters 24/7? [s] Plop - Water drop sound [e] Biff - [note: matt j. took his two kids to the zoo, where they came up with this theme (no, he doesn't work at the zoo, just thought it'd be fun). clues with an [e] were written by 67-across, and clues with an [s] were written by 49-across.] sound of a punch [e] Ris - ___ for 'ricky bubwick' (apparently a name that sid just made up)
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