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Rot - Bunk Iran - 1979 revolution site Sear - Brown Ream - Enlarge, in a way Roller - Brush alternative Shad - Herring relative Beatit - 1983 record of the year Eras - History course topics Oriole - Bird whose name means 'golden' Herewego - 'brace yourselves ...' Hud - 1963 western based on larry mcmurtry's 'horseman, pass by' Borge - 20th-century comedian who was known as 'the clown prince of denmark' Encore - Added numbers? Brachs - American candy company since 1904 Larrup - Beat soundly Baden - Boy scouts founder robert ___-powell Marmite - Bread spread whose tagline is 'love it or hate it' Ranout - Came to an end Sneers - Cynical responses Ragouts - Dishes that might be prepared in crock-pots Staysathome - Doesn't go out Teamsters - Drivers in cabs Stonecircle - Druidic monument Cobs - Ear parts Exec - Fortune reader, maybe Fedayeen - Gaza strip guerrillas Emeralds - Green valuables Potomac - Harpers ferry river Firescreens - Heat shields, of a sort Bluffs - Hopes not to be called, say Food - It's picked up in a mess


Furl - Roll up Belts - Wallops Tiebeams - Rafter connectors Iterate - Say repeatedly Kirin - Popular japanese beer Amy - Singer winehouse Bro - Mate Ride - Tease relentlessly Unmade - Like a bed you're in Taut - Like a well-written thriller Sixyearolds - Many first graders Buyers - Market figures Housecleans - Minds one's place? Telnet - Obsolescent online connection provider Speakeasy - Onetime chicago outfit establishment Stye - Ophthalmological ailment Boers - Orange free state founders Asides - Parts of a rambling oration Tune - Prep before playing Badrep - Result of one too many misdeeds Pennyarcade - Retro amusement center Cradlesongs - Rock music? Utes - Runnin' ___ (n.c.a.a. team) Yow - Shriek of pain Scotts - Sister brand of ortho Armory - Storehouse Stats - Trading card figures Medicalcare - Treatment Now - Up-to-the-minute Tenors - Wagner's tristan and parsifal, e.g Sweeps - When people meters are used
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