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Oval - Caplet shape Arid - Like death valley Abler - Better qualified Ease - Comfortable state Sled - Coasting toy Oahu - Diamond head's island Endeared - Made beloved Jamie - Farr of "m*a*s*h" Ewes - Barnyard females Noodle - Lo mein morsel Olds - Former gm make Secondnature - Deeply ingrained habit Purr - Manx murmur Ended - Called a halt to Usa - Letters on a forever stamp Radio - Boombox component Upon - "once" follower, in stories Delts - Arm-raising muscles, for short Nurse - Assisted living attendant Opened - Began a broadway run Jan - Brady who said, "marcia, marcia, marcia!" Tapes - Captures on cassette Snow - Cause of a white christmas Nadia - Comaneci with five gold medals Dnasample - Crime lab specimen, and a part of 17-, 28- and 47-across Dan - Dapper ___ (snappy dresser) Equal - Era part Scar - Evidence of a laceration Rivet - Fastener that's "bucked" Seeks - Ferrets out Lapel - Flag pin's place Garbo - Greta of "grand hotel" Avocados - Guacamole needs Loadednachos - Heaping chips-and-cheese fare Ear - It may be pierced or plugged General - James mattis was one Brandname - Kleenex, sinex or rolex Meek - Like clark kent, but not superman Tot - Maggie simpson or stewie griffin


Nada - Zilch Impel - Urge forward Inane - Totally absurd Else - Other than that Inasense - Sort of Did - Served, as time Ace - Unreturned serve Etal - Plus others, briefly Atno - Periodic table fig Reds - Wine list column Dine - Sup in style Judo - Sensei's teaching Gapes - Stares slack-jawed Bio - Obit, essentially Roma - Oblong tomato Soled - Repaired, as a boot Vine - Napa valley climber Aged - Went from tween to teen, say Dame - Many a titled brit Hun - Marauding horde member Peel - Marmalade tidbit Drier - More thirsty Isr - Mount carmel's land (abbr.) Loco - Nutty, slangily Filed - Placed in an archive Debates - Pre-election face-offs Atbat - Ready for a pitch Taxi - Roll to the runway Asap - Rush-job initials Pods - Sci-fi escape vessels Inch - Screen dimension unit Aqua - Shade similar to turquoise Ammo - Shooter's stockpile, briefly Sos - Sinking ship's signal of old Sonja - Skating legend henie Exalt - Speak reverently of Ifs - Unsettled issues Panorama - View from a mountaintop, say Cent - Weight-and-fortune cost, once
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