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Aquarists - A number of pints one's brought in for people getting tanked? Stripe - Band's second drug-induced experience, taking ecstasy Hearty - Blokeish male into culture Passingshot - Celebrate with trainer, say, briefly recruited by former wimbledon winner? Brightness - Clever pupil shows this book just when meeting the head Recessions - Crises one's resolved in economically-challenging periods Borodino - Fellow having soldiers surrounded in old battle site Hearsay - Gossip picked up in this place, for example Hooha - Houses back-to-back at top of a row Hoister - Jack is hard on confounded tories Myriad - Legion turned back helpless dairymaid Chaperon - Man working to safeguard prominent lady? Agrade - Maybe a ba with first in english, top mark Contact - Maybe phone business over new form of diplomacy


Smew - Noise made by cat chasing small duck Uni - One has no time for academic environment Nutcase - One's cracked shell Bactrian - Performing in cabaret without energy, one has the hump repeatedly Doyenne - Poet describes the old lady of society Tarnished - Polluted lake is kept free of last of oil Shah - Quiet ayatollah gutted former middle eastern ruler Inshortsupply - Rarely seen wearing casual clothes at university and work Rhone - Right smooth wine from this area? Notable - Somebody incompetent Southcarolina - State school in a rut, transformed by head of academy Rap - Style of pop music a hit Trainees - They learn there's lots of water in river Destination - Where to arrive from foreign terminus, crossing iran's borders
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