Answers on The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,086 от 2017-01-05:


Twain - 26 or 9 inspiring a writer Jonquil - A bloomer, one abandoning ally and old writer, virtually Utahan - A little stout, a handsome statesman? Orsino - A winter's tale character caught up in passion is romantic Antonio - A winter's tale character i love after soon rescuing protagonist at the end Olivia - A winter's tale character in the midst of hoax, raging briefly Sebastian - A winter's tale character is absent - a mistake? Viola - A winter's tale character one's played Aguecheek - A winter's tale character showing nerve after illness Belch - A winter's tale character to discharge Maria - A winter's tale character with perfect stuff about Feste - A winter's tale character's endless rot Treason - Act of betrayal in the end, lost cause Jackpot - All to play for, with raise to pocket Dreamboat - Beauty cheers up after more bad breaks Annapolis - Breaking record, work returned is for state capital


Pirate - Copy greek character has to tear up Weirdo - Crank has to perform with water regulator Table - Food reliable, though not starter Overeat - Gorge in middle of yeovil, a tree ruined Comic - Kindness ultimately lacking in vast wit Lessen - Mitigate rebuke, say? Limitless - Nfinit? Oregano - Old shakespearean wino denied victory - this to add flavour? Bashful - One shy of seven? Sweetspot - Roughly two steps around base of device, best point of contact Lobes - Rounded parts of spheres, no apex Persevere - Salesman's turned up, very difficult to continue Tracks - Time frames for courses Gasheater - Warming device one's tucking into slit? Beluga - Whale hump nursed by princess Ladette - Woman acting as boy, character shortly bagging a duke
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