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Potboiler - A lot at stake over british tanker's hack work Reason - About a boy shows such good use of wit Sanction - Allow witness's latest note in legal case Lopeared - As some rabbits are, having bounded about Drier - As volume drops, golf club is increasingly teetotal Anklet - Band hanging around low joint cause resentment not starting to time Rider - Equestrian invader destroying area Kingslynn - Family's good, knowing new name for norfolk town Trail - Follow around - right? Politics - In which one makes moves to solicit power Statue - Large figure of girl eating rubbish Pyramidselling - Marketing ploy that's turned out daringly simple Abstinent - Not here holding can so as not to drink Musicianship - Note skill of simian playing with his cup


Viewpoint - Opinion on head's position Carnivora - Order for meat given by men during endless revelry Inset - Place within fashionable group Media - Reporters getting note out of saudi holy city Analysis - Returning unknown girl to spies for investigation Pried - Said some big cats acted inquisitively Cheeseburger - See grub processed to go into comfort food Relative - Split over story backing a member of the family Neaptide - Teen paid badly - it's time for a small rise Depth - Thoroughness of reorganisation for hospital department Opuses - Ways of providing employment after end of old piano works Toned - Well-muscled chap piling on weight Impromptu - Without much planning i am arriving on time at university Shipscarpenter - Wood worker practising on board
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