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Ash - A quiet wood Already - A woman has come round about? so soon? Endanger - Aim to provoke and threaten safety Seereason - Before being overwhelmed by temper, come to your senses Rising - Call round, one's not yet dressed? Achieved - Carried off hurt, i�ve unfortunately to be admitted Chagrin - Cutting talk short, ring off in annoyance Arisen - Derived an accommodating advance Nobother - Easy for the two in reno breaking up Inaction - Fighting lethargy Megaphone - For crying out loud, you should use it! Resume - Go on about birds being raised Bovine - Going by book, sheep-like, dull and stolid Negation - Gun carried by criminal one in denial Therapy - Heart transplanted? pity -- it's unnecessary for treatment Rants - Is furious when half of transcript is revamped


Flypaper - Landing strip from which there are no take-offs Career - Line, or streak Teeth - One loses the first set early on, and later struggles to retain the second Openair - Performing opera in great outdoors Error - Queen/king alternative that's flawed Posthaste - Quickly adopt an attitude that's flexible, to be accepted Tagus - Saying to ourselves: 'this is a very long river' Aft - Silly little daughter left behind Patter - Spiel from salesman -- one being nice to your dog? Pillages - Spoils parts of book with bad padding Learns - Takes in student, is rewarded financially Esteem - Tees off before me, playing for prize One - The count's origin? Shipwreck - The more washing up there is, the bigger it's been Repeater - The telltale gun? Erg - Unit and three-quarters therefore
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