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Threepence - As a consequence, retired fellow's invested very little money Esher - Book time out in surrey town Write - Compose introduction to wedding ceremony Clementattlee - Confined to shelter, soldiers gossip initially about postwar leader Domestic - Conservative party's first to devour edition of times daily Mouthwatering - Delicious ham ruined with wine (rotgut) Ramshackle - Dilapidated building next to motorway, in real mess Finn - European adventurer in mark twain story Gal - Female prisoner hauled up Insecticide - Home team catches frantic opener out: could this mean the end of cricket? Mac - It may help you keep dry as river rises Redraft - Left-wing newspaper withholds republican article for second edition Hereabout - Listen to a boxing match broadcast nearby Flat - No longer charged for accommodation


Seoul - Olympic venue unique, according to reports Untie - Open university book collection, extremely inexpensive Review - Perhaps struggle once more with criticism Sentience - Punishment during which one is showing awareness Dreamiest - Read times in new format that's most appealing Emancipate - Release "the return of et" - ace film title Millionaire - Rich fellow, one working in factory near river Tiderace - Spot where fish is hiding in fast-moving current Armrest - Support introduction of refreshments during morning break Remain - Survive on the ocean? Omsk - Swirling black smoke envelops russian city Incommode - Trouble as government department probes receipts Unescorted - Without a guide, our descent is tricky Ovid - Writer of verse in dialect, originally
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