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Revere - Look up to this round about always Defend - Fed up at last with no attack Laser - 'beam at not being a hard worker, by the sound of it (5)' Hostel - 'shall we go up? oh, stay there (6)' Ingested - 'sounds as if, jokingly, the editor swallowed this (8)' Switchoff - 'the southern sorcerer is just not on for it, so turn the light out (6,3)' Rattraps - 'they're all for getting the star part (3,5)' Adored - 'what a ruddy to-do, yet one just loved it (6)' Reed - Buck up and rush down Erin - Do you get her in here dropping her aitches? Dirge - E gets up to the network - that's no fun Fastens - Fixes the inside like x Denies - I send this around the east? one says that's not so Massive - In church it's a whole lot of it i have Target - It's black to get a black mark in the middle Eels - Long to be such twisters as they Trains - Makes one fit to go online Senseless - No point in being not conscious of this


Coup - Nothing in the drink in there to make it sound like a pigeon Scruple - One has a doubt about so little a weight Acted - Played for a hundred with edward Seance - See about can one make this quite spirited Serene - Seen to be round about not so rough Beriberi - Sick of sounding like 21 across Molasses - Sweet sal is back with moses around Inters - That's the very last thing one does for others Berries - The fruit sounding like what 24 across is Wooden - There's a love nest in the wood Arrear - There's no advance on this back at the end Aspirates - They're pronouncedly like criminals Dorset - This may get sorted over in england Beatitude - Thrash this blessed thing as it is due Solan - What a goose a gannet is! Reason - Why this is about one's boy Reveal - With his ale the cleric has just a little meat Employ - You'd make this work
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