Answers on Irish Times (Crosaire) - от 2010-02-04:


Therm - It's the turn of the mister to get a little heated Natural - A turn is normal over a half-century Tuba - Blow this for the sound of a potato Unknown - By the sound of it, not no this Spitout - Do this and expect oration from it Erode - E was riding this to wear it away Traitors - Faith, they'll have nothing to do with it Inthedusk - For the poet, even then Thebestman - He ought to have won the girl, but didn't Twobytwo - How 22 animals were loaded on a famous occasion Assumption - It may be presumed that that's an undertaking Mesh - It's myself that's told to keep quiet when in the net Tassels - Let's get around the fool among the hangers Mince - Money's to be made there in little bits, by the sound of it Closematch - Much the same score and much the same shade Shuttle - Not being open, let it get muddled going to and fro


Animate - Put some life into a spouse from ulster Hearses - One starts to get the sound of them for an undertaking Niece - She is relatively pleasant about the east Putty - Start to place this around the pain, by the sound of it Ironworks - Steal the business here, by the sound of it Hightea - Tee up, perhaps, and get fed up with it Printing - That's one type of work Outermost - That's very skinny Thorn - The point of this is that, topless, it still has a point None - There isn't another that sounds so good as she Thirdparty - There may have been a couple of entertainments prior to this for 11 across Desolate - There's little hope when the editor is back so behind the times Baton - To a degree, this gets heavy for the conductor Omit - Tom, being confused about one, may leave it out Dingo - Will the sound of the dog stop? Insurance - You're covered with this
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