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Cauliflower - & 16 deformity attributed to ring could be a clue for lawrie Its - & 18 i didn't expect to see you as old -- still warm. let it all go ... Loll - ... hang! lots of love, lambert Dismissive - D is letter pointing to door Moral - Digital game learner supports as having virtue Avid - Dutch 4-1 up for it? more than up for it Amla - Egyptian girl who dances round tree Ephemerid - Empire he�d built? it�s short-lived Iliad - Epic's title i said regularly Explicit - Former partner in mine is left in charge. that�s clear Comedy - Friends, for instance. divine one�s what its maker has confused in 12 Meadow - Ground for grazing one mowed irregularly Topper - Hat -- a good sort Selfishly - How he fills breaks in seychelles? Skywards - In second contest between states kentucky and south dakota turned up Irish - Independent state with quiet people


Menstruums - Male nurse must put out solvents for pharmacist Camomile - Medicinal plant creates calm that is wafting round medical officer Dilettante - One who dabbles in literature and is remarkably talented with it Cradlecap - Place card setting. does it mean trouble ahead for babies? Ear - See 15 Asmallworld - See 17 Eye - Spring is part of the year Moron - Take in heavenly body, one that's not very bright Spaniellike - Trying to please i see pink all over Air - Tune to be broadcast Cyclopean - Vast empty city with no place to settle Cope - Vestment he lost at prestonpans Littlewoman - W.i. all met, not fussing about miss march, perhaps, my wife Rickshaw - Was rich king conveyed by it? Swordstick - With scots dirk may be concealed weapon Caress - Worries son will be seen as a soft touch
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