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Yaadbpgl - How a rocket launch is usually viewed Yabba - '-- dabba doo!' Yabba - Beginning of a flintstones cry Yabba - Part of fred flintstone's yell Yabba - Start of a '60s tv toon yell Yabba - Start of a 'flintstones' shout Yabba - Start of a cartoon cry Yabba - Start of a flintstone cheer Yabba - Start of a flintstone cry Yabba - Start of a fred flintstone cry Yabba - Start of a fred yell Yabba - Start of a prehistoric yell? Yabba - Start of a stone age yell Yabba - Start of fred flintstone's cry Yabba - Stone age toon word Yabba - Word heard in bedrock Yabba - Word in a flintstone yell Yabbadabbadoo - Cartoon quitting-time shout Yabbadabbadoo - Classic cartoon shout Yabbadabbadoo - Cry of fred flintstone Yabbadabbadoo - Quitting-time shout, on tv Yabber - Australian talk Yabber - Chatter, to an aussie Yabber - Conversation in sydney arising concerning the origin of botany bay Yabber - Gossip, to an aussie Yabber - Local gossip from cobh on radio rejects connection to bishop ward Yabber - Talk on and on, down under Yabber - Why vocal french cleric has right natter Yabber - Why, some say, a french priest has the right to talk nonsense Yabber - Year required to digest french cleric's talk Yabbers - Australian word for talks or conversations Yabbers - Prattles Yaboosucks - Exclamation of derision as you sock vagrant, grabbing book Yaboosucks - Nuts mashed so cub's okay Yacht - "lifestyles of the rich and famous" boat, typically Yacht - 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' boat, typically Yacht - 'make cathy be for sale, by the sound of it (5)' Yacht - A light sailing-vessel Yacht - America's cup competitor Yacht - America's cup contender Yacht - America's cup entrant Yacht - America's cup entry Yacht - America's cup racer Yacht - America's cup vessel Yacht - America, for example, which has a 'cup' named after it Yacht - Basin craft Yacht - Basin craft, perhaps Yacht - Blue blood vessel? Yacht - Boat Yacht - Boat cathy capsized