The Acting Company

New York, NY

Founded forty years ago by John Houseman and Margot Harley, The Acting Company prides itself on delivering the highest-quality, text-driven productions to underserved audiences while concurrently engaging students from kindergarten through university level with the words of Shakespeare. Their in-class workshops and residencies foster both an appreciation for Shakespeare and the art and craft of theater for a lifetime.  The company has long been recognized for developing young American classical actors for the stage and other mediums. Kevin Kline, Patti LuPone, Rainn Wilson, David Ogden Stiers, David Schramm, Frances Conroy, Jesse L. Martin, Jeffrey Wright, Harriet Harris, Hamish Linklater, Tom Hewitt, and Keith David are but a few of today’s stars of stage and screen who began as members of the company. Honored with a Tony Award for Excellence in Theater, they promote theater and literacy by bringing a touring repertory of classical productions that includes talented young actors and teaching artists into communities across America, particularly to those where live performance and arts education is limited or non-existent. The Acting Company’s honors include a Tony, Obies, Audelcos and other awards spanning over 39 years. It has produced and presented 137 classical works, including 43 full-text presentations of Shakespeare, to 48 states across America and in ten foreign countries.

The Acting Company will present a touring production of Julius Caesar directed by Devin Brain. The company will provide related educational activities, including workshops, post-show discussions, Learning Through Theater residencies and a study guide. They anticipate reaching 50 schools located in communities across the nation.