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Shakespeare in American Communities is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the National Endowment for the Arts. But this project cannot succeed without the support and involvement of teachers in schools across the country. What happens in the classroom is just as important as what happens on the stage. These resources are intended to help teachers encourage learning through Shakespeare.

Teacher's Guide

This Teacher’s Guide contains information on the Elizabethan Age, Elizabethan Theater, the life of William Shakespeare, his plays, iambic pentameter, and more. It also provides Shakespeare resources and suggested lesson plans.


Teacher's Guide PDFTeacher’s Guide

Recitation Contest

Memorization and recitation are two practices uniquely suited to help your students grasp the complex thoughts and great language found in the works of William Shakespeare. By bringing language outside the margins of the page, students can recognize their personal connections to words that are hundreds of years old. By committing his sonnets and monologues to memory, students will have considered not only the words themselves, but also the intentions of the language, and the great humanity behind each of Shakespeare's works.

Through recitation, students will be challenged to consider and appreciate the impact of the rhythm and meter that empower these writings, as well as show a deeper understanding of some of the more subtle changes in tone and meaning. Recitation will help your students to engage in Shakespeare's work as it was meant to be presented, out loud in front of an audience. As an added benefit, reciting before their peers will encourage your students to develop their public speaking skills-a talent that will serve them well beyond their time in school.


Recitation Contenst Booklet PDFRecitation Contest Booklet

Recitation Contenst Booklet PDF

Award Certificate

Fun With Shakespeare

This booklet contains fun facts about words and phrases coined by Shakespeare, famous quotes, and a crossword puzzle and Test Your Shakespeare IQ quiz.


Recitation Contenst Booklet PDF

 Fun with Shakespeare

 Fun with Shakespeare Answer KeyRecitation Contenst Booklet PDF